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Club's Activities & Events

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Monday Nights: 4 – 7pm .22 Caliber Shooting
Tuesday Nights - 4 - 6pm Pistol Shooting
Thursday Nights: 4 – 7pm Archery inside

Welcome to the Club

The Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club, a non-profit conservation and shooting organization located in Saranac Lake, New York. Our club features an indoor and outdoor shooting range, trap range, banquet facilities, firearms training, hunter safety training and many activities and events throughout the year.

The Club House includes an indoor 50 foot range for pistol and .22 rifle. The Club's outdoor range has target placements at 100 yards, 50 yards and 25 yards, with a covered concrete pad firing line. It accommodates multiple shooters firing at targets at different distances. The range is available for rifles and pistols of any caliber and type, as well as for archery.

Suspension of Trap Activity

Over the past few years there has been an increase in canoe and kayak tourism on the Saranac River bordering the trap range. With the increasing popularity of these activities and their benefit to the local tourist industry, there will be even more canoeing and kayaking on the River in the future. As a result, there is an increased probability of our trap activity causing hazardous conditions for River users. Moreover, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated that the drop of lead pellets into the River is in conflict with environmental regulations.

Thus continuing to operate the trap range is untenable for the Club. The Club would face potentially crippling liabilities both from users of the River and the EPA. Firing away from the Saranac River cannot resolve this situation, since pellets would still fall into wetlands and a navigable tributary to the River. Consequently shooting at flying targets of any sort at the Club is no longer permitted.

Since other shooting activities (e.g., rifle, pistol) do not entail the liabilities of trap, use of 50 yard and 100 yard ranges will continue as in the past. The use of the outdoor ranges for shotgun patterning is also allowed. However, firing at any sort of air borne target is no longer permitted on the Club property.

Saranac Lake Fish & Game Club
P.O. Box 588, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 · 518-891-2560

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