December 2019 Newsletter

**Membership Survey**

The SLFGC is interested in what you think about our club, its services and what you would like to see us do. We have a short, 9 question, anonymous survey which we hope you will take. We appreciate any and all feedback. The link is:

**Orientation Day**

On Saturday January 4th, the SLFGC will host its first Orientation Day. From 10am to noon, please join us for a tutorial on the services and operations of the club. New members and current members are encouraged to attend. Going forward, Orientation Day will be held on the first Saturday of every month.


After using the Club Lodge, please remember to shut off all lights and close all doors to the outside. And please prop open the bathroom doors so the heat can circulate throughout. Thank you for your cooperation..

***Board Elections**

Board Elections took place at the December meeting. Please see below for an updated Board and Officers listing. We still have 2 vacancies on the Board. The Board can appoint new directors during the year, so please send your nominations to Matt Glaude using the contact info below. Individuals must be members in good standing for at least 1 year.

President: Tom Cleator
Vice President: Jim Jones (NEW)
Treasurer: Theresa Trudell
Secretary: Matt Glaude
Membership Secretary: Ralf Hartmann
Board Member: Walt Kellam
Board Member: Al Fuller
Board Member: Claude Premo
Board Member: Dan Ruchkin (NEW)

On Going Events:

Club Meetings: First Thursday of the month (except Holidays) at 7pm
Tuesday evenings (4pm – 6pm): Pistol Shooting
Thursday evenings (4pm – 7pm): Archery

Upcoming Events:

December 17 – Federation Meeting
December 21 – Christmas Pie Sale

January 4 – Orientation Day
January 8 – Board Meeting 7pm-9pm
January 9 – Membership Meeting 7pm-9pm
January 21 – Federation Meeting

February 1 – Orientation Day
February 5 – Board Meeting 7pm-9pm
February 6 – Membership Meeting 7pm-9pm
February 14 – Critter Dinner
February 15-17 – Club Rental
February 18 – Federation Meeting

Please welcome our new members: ayden Uresk, Caitlin Reilly, Bruce Dylan, Adam Bettelli, Tim Ellis, Nathan DeGray, Jon Seiter, Marcus McGivney, Brendon Olsen, Christopher McClatchie, Justin Pallack, Warrene McCarthy, Madonna Yando, Nicholas Magro, Deborah Daunis & family, Dylan Dearborn & family, Tim Heath & family, Jaques DeMars & family, Mary Beth DeGray & family, Mathew Martin & family, Shane McIntosh & family, Jerry Baily & family, Paolo Magro & family, Sam Churco & family, Randy Beckwith & family, Stephen Miller & family, Clifford Donaldson & family, and Todd Drake & family.

Also check our online calendar:

Important Contact Info:

President: Tom Cleator - 603-832-3488
Vice President: Jim Jones - 518-891-4586
Treasurer: Theresa Trudell - - 518 891 4505
Secretary: Matt Glaude 518-637-7983
Membership Secretary: Ralf Hartmann -
Board Member: Walt Kellam - - 518 523 6736
Board Member: Al Fuller - - 518 201 4018
Board Member: Claude Premo - - 518 891 3580
Board Member: Dan Ruchkin - 518-891-0531

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